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“I loved how Sarah really personalized my massage and body scrub. She asked a lot of questions and really targeted areas that I told her I was having trouble with. She found an area under my shoulder blade that I had pain in for years, and she worked out knots that no other massage therapist had ever found (I had worked at a spa that included many licensed massage therapists for years and never received this kind of care). The work she did there alleviated so much tightness and pain, and the shoulder has felt SO much better since! I would wholeheartedly recommend Sarah for a massage if you are looking for a wonderful quality massage that helps not only relax you, but heals you.” –Carrie C.

“I really enjoyed the neck/face/head part of the massage, which is where I carry most of my tension, and Sarah did a great job of relieving that! I’ve had massages at a variety of places, but having a massage with Sarah was different because she was so personable and interested in me. I got to pick the music I wanted to listen to and the scent of lotion she used. I have sensitivity to smells, so this was really great for me knowing that 15 minutes into the massage I wouldn’t be getting a headache!” –Athena G.  

“Sarah was very thorough and answered my questions and curiosity with much knowledge. She worked out my tight upper back/neck areas. She was very thorough and asked about problem areas/injuries. Also, she asked at the end if I wanted to go back to any areas.” –Andrea G.

“I liked that Sarah gave me ideas of what to do myself between massages and told me where muscles were tight to know where to try to loosen them on my own. I also liked that she asked beforehand about lotion vs oil and where to focus the massage. I’ve never had feedback during/after a massage as to where muscles were tightest.” –Kathy D.

“The best part of my massage was being in a quiet environment and letting my worries slip away from me. All of it was very relaxing and I left all my tension behind. I especially enjoyed having my facial muscles massaged. It’s amazing how much tension you carry in your face and how refreshed you feel after that tension has been removed. Other massage I’ve had in the past would sometimes leave me sore as they dug down.” –Shelley N.

“I liked how she spent time on each part and it never felt like you went too fast or spent all your time in one area. Each area was given the perfect amount of attention! I liked the debriefing time afterwards and that I wasn’t rushed in or out. I felt fully cared for. I’ve never been able to have such a say in the process, from music to leaving my socks on! Sarah has outshone all the previous therapists!” –Danielle S.  

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